(The First Lutheran sanctuary prior to Christmas Eve services)



Meals at the Manger was created as a giving program in 2008 by Frank Moore, the Director of Community Ministries at First Lutheran Church in Greensboro, N.C.  This campaign began by simply encouraging people who would be attending the Christmas Eve Services to bring at least one canned food item per person attending.



This program, collected 1,500 pounds of food from 1,072 worshippers in a single evening!  The donations were brought in at the Christmas Eve services, to a simple collection area with an old manger from a Christmas play and some big boxes from Greensboro Urban Ministry (a local homeless outreach organization).  The area also served as a point of conversation as people were greeted for the services!

After the services, items were moved inside and boxed.  A Greensboro Urban Ministry Employee picked up the donations two days later.



The first-time effort was so successful that it has become a new Christmas tradition.  The idea, so simple and effective has been adopted by several churches in the region and continues to grow!


(Frank Moore in 2008)



Frank Moore has served as board member at GUM, a staff member organizing community mission for a1200+ member Congregation for 20 years and _____________________________________________________


Frank is the Meals at the Manger is founder of this giving program and Meals at the Manger coordinator at First Lutheran Church.  He is available to answer any questions you may have about this ministry and how to bring this simple idea to life in your church or organization!  Frank Moore 336-292-9125 x 102