getting started

How to Get Started:


This ministry can be constructed as simply with the resources you have available to you! 


A depiction of the manger is the suggested centerpiece of your set up.  There are many ways to accomplish this!

First Lutheran Church used a manger from the annual Christmas play.  If you have a group of children (preschool, Sunday school class, youth group), you may choose an art project that involves creating a manger scene.  For example, roll out some butcher paper, you may use any art supplies available (crayons or paints) and each child is responsible for creating a specific part of the scene (a manger, a sheep, the ground, the north star, cow, etc.).  Then tape the paper against a wall of your collection area!  This is a fantastic way to get the children involved in the campaign!  Another idea would be to cut a manger out of cardboard.

 The key is to get creative, using what you have!

You will also need several large collection boxes to be places next to or near the manger scene.  It is suggested that you coordinate with the local hunger-fighting agency you will be working with in advance, in case they have specific boxes they prefer or they may have available for your use.  (If a congregational member will be dropping the goods off at the agency, consider using totes.  They are more durable than cardboard and have handles)

Educate the congregation and community about this exciting ministry!  Make sure you include if there are specific drop off dates or times. 


Make some flyers!  Use online Event calendars to make posts!  Use local weekly publications!  Notify the local press (write up for the newspaper and TV stations)!  Partner up with the agency the donations will go to.  See if they have additional ideas, resources, or influence which will allow the news to get out there of your event.  Make sure they get a copy of the flyer to post or even hand out to volunteers.

Announce the event in bulletins, phone-trees, newsletters, and during services.



But most of all Have Fun! 

Make sure after the event that you communicate with your congregation and community how successful the campaign was!