Here are a few ideas for creating devotionals in a variety of settings to incorporate this mission into our understanding of how we serve Christ. 
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Begin with a reading of Matthew 2:1-12
There are many different types of gifts - the material gifts we exchange or give freely to others and the gifts of our talents that we share with those around us.  
When we serve Christ through a meals at the manger ministry, it allows us the opportunity to represent the spirit of Jesus by using our resources, talents, and generosity to meet the needs of the people who are suffering in our community.  What a pheonmenal way to celebrate the birth of Jesus, to reach out with a Christ-like spirit to those in need, to make a difference in their lives!  Take time to discuss how during the past year someone has reached out to you with a Christ-like spirit to meet a need you had and the difference it made for you.
End with a reading of Matthew 25:35-40